A Little Bit About Us

How Chepo Depo Got Started

You may have wondered didn't they spell Depot wrong?  Why is there no T in Cheapo Depo?. We know how to spell Depot. However in 1989 when Don Kerr started Cheapo Depo the sign company told him it wold be a much higher price for the sign if there were more than ten letters on the sign. So off went the T and it was now it was Cheapo Depo instead of Cheapo Depot! Just like Don saved money on that sign he has been saving shoppers money for over thirty years. Robert Lawley part owner of the store, started working at Cheapo Depo unloading trailers full of merchandise when he was only 10 years old. The store became a part of his life and Robert and in 2016 Robert became part owner. Robert now manages the store and has plans to expand into other towns in Oklahoma.

Cheapo Depo in Tulsa OK
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